One size does not fit all when it comes to finding a solution for your district or school. We understand the importance of developing a strategy that fits your budget, current needs, and future goals. During our strategic consulting sessions, we consider the scope of your school, your overall plan, and operational, financial, and technology influences when helping you find the right solution.


consulting servicesAt Keystone Technologies, we partner you with a strategic consultant to provide you with personalized assistance. Our consultants are specialized in education IT solutions.

Our education IT consultants serve as your knowledge source for all education technology topics, including STEM, classroom technology, and the technology environment of schools and school districts. All of our consultants are trained in technical trends, security trends, and much more. They consistently educate themselves on new technologies and are always looking for new, innovative approaches to aid your school’s processes and curriculums.

Upon beginning their work with you, we will first conduct a gap analysis. We then design your infrastructure and manage any projects as we work to reconfigure your environment to improve your workflow within your budget. Finally, we will be there to provide you training and education on your technology and the issues that affect your daily work.

For more information about our strategic education consulting services, contact us here.