Our goal is to use technology to support teachers in delivering the best possible education to their students. Keystone Managed Services (KMS) unites strategic consulting, engineering, implementation, and support via cutting-edge technology and a diverse network of resources.

Managed Services & Sophisticated IT Support

managed servicesAfter analyzing your school’s needs, we customize a level of support to your needs and budget. Our automated, Keystone Managed Services (KMS) platform allows us to anticipate problems before they occur, and our consultants offer budget friendly proactive support and recommendations to address these issues. This means no interruptions during the school day so educators can focus on what is most important– the students. Additionally, our top of the line, 3-tier support team is available for any projects, as well as daily support of your IT resources, if unanticipated issues arise. With Keystone, your IT system is covered.

Proactive Support

Our proactive IT support mode allows us to better serve you and your students. Keystone Managed Services (KMS) blends the latest innovations and the latest techniques. The outcome is an IT infrastructure that is more dependable, better reported, and less costly to maintain than the customary break-fix model. Our unique, proactive monitoring agent provides data that makes it conceivable to anticipate most failures, thus minimizing, and often easing, service interruption and downtime. Your frameworks are monitored every minute of every day, 365 days a year by the top IT specialists in the business when you are managed by Keystone Education.

Keystone Managed Services automated agent allows us to:

  • Analyze your equipment and network 24/7/365
  • Evaluate critical services
  • Automate Microsoft patch deployment
  • Monitor daily backups
  • Keep updated IT inventory
  • Provide remote access for our team (and anyone in your organization)
  • Supply network anti-virus and anti-spyware licensing at no additional cost
  • Present monthly executive summary reports
  • Administer early warning and preventive alerts for servers and desktops, including both Windows and Mac