Keystone Technologies is a regional force dedicated to improving the education provided to students in our communities, while serving as experts and leaders nationally on topics of education IT.


Keystone Technologies’ mission is to improve educational outcomes through innovation.

about keystone technologies


“Because the “Why” is the most important thing of it all. It is not about the tech. It is something more important to us. Something with more soul. It is about helping other people.”

-Eric Humes, CEO


Keystone Technologies is a leading provider of educational technology design, consulting, and support in the Midwest. Keystone provides hardware, software, networking, and cloud-based technologies for our industries of focus.

Founded in 1998, Cogent Innovators has focused on serving the education market by providing top-of-the-line support and consulting for primary and secondary schools in the St. Louis area for nearly two decades. After partnering on projects for years, in 2013 Cogent was acquired by Keystone in an effort to bring together talent, strengths and personnel. With the combined knowledge Keystone and Cogent Innovators brought to the table, the new Keystone quickly grew.

Today, Keystone Technologies works to identify your needs and develop a plan that works for your school technically, operationally, and economically. We then help you build the business case and develop the consensus required for true organizational success. From server architecture and network design to the security and compliance that you require, our employees are there for you around the clock and around the country.
Keystone is with you in locked step, never forgetting the most important part of your school – the students you serve.