information securityAs experts in data and information security, we take every step possible to make sure your school has a secure IT infrastructure that is not vulnerable to cyber attacks, hacks, and more. We are equally as committed to enhancing children’s education as we are to keeping your students safe. While much of IT security is related to having the right software and security measures in place, there is also human error that can harm even the most secure technology. That is why we educate our clients on the precautions and plans necessary to keep information safe.

Working with your consultant, the Keystone Technologies information security team will help you develop a security roadmap to take your school to the next level, while maintaining secure systems and data.

In what direction do you see your school going?

We want to hear your vision for the future. Are you hoping to enhance learning in ways you never thought possible? If so, you should consider your current security measures and their ability to remain relevant during your experimentation with new education platforms.

What steps should you take?

After listening to your goals, our security team will conduct a gap analysis on your current security infrastructure and determine if it is able to support your future growth.

Is it time for an information security plan?

After considering your budget and timeline, we will then work with you to put into place a plan for the future to ensure that, as you grow, so does the protection for your critical business practices and infrastructure. When the timing is right, we will work with you to design the infrastructure and manage the project of putting it in place.

We help you to keep your information and data secure, while at the same time preparing you for and addressing any issues that arise through the following tools: governance & compliance, vulnerability assessment, and disaster recovery.

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